Let’s Build a Home Place!

1 February 2015

Slave Cabin 2


Imagine an online community where we can search our ancestors…download, print and share historic documents… and collaborate in real-time with other researchers. That is the place Our Black Ancestry wants to build — a POWERHOUSE of genealogical discovery for African Americans.

Ever since we first went online in 2007 – we have hoped and prayed OBA would grow. Today, there are more than 20,000 people on our Facebook page and 8000 visitors a month to our website. It is clear that SO MANY of us are interested in discovering our roots, yet there is NOBODY serving that need in the way we hope to do.

It takes MONEY to make the OBA dream a reality and we ask that you contribute to that dream TODAY. Funds raised in this campaign will be used to pay hosting fees for our existing site and to retain a developer to build a more robust technology platform. Just imagine what a fabulous OBA home place we could build if EVERYONE in our network made a contribution!

Our fundraising campaign will be promoted through the month of February. If you have lots, give lots. If you don’t — give $25…. or $10…. even $5…. whatever your budget can afford.

Click to contribute — this link will take you to the OBA website where you will see a DONATE button in the lefthand navigation column: Our Black Ancestry

If you want to know more, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Email smorgan@ourblackancestry.com

Who’s in charge?

Sharon Morgan is a genealogist, writer and marketing communications professional whose ancestors were enslaved in Mississippi and Alabama. Her 30 years of research led her to create Our Black Ancestry to help others trace their family histories. It also led her to co-author a book: Gather at the Table: The Healing Journey of a Daughter of Slavery and a Son of the Slave Trade, which was published in 2012 by Beacon Press.

Diana Roman is a marketing and international business development professional. She is descended from the Hairston family, one of the largest slave owning families in American history. Their story is told in the book The Hairstons: An American Family in Black and White. Historical family documents are presented on the website HairstonGenealogy.com, which is sponsored by Our Black Ancestry.

8 Responses to “Let’s Build a Home Place!”

  1. sylviawonglewis said

    We’re a little late. Just sent donation! Thank you for your hard work and commitment!

  2. […] they could tell, make me so excited to help other people tell their stories.  You should check out OBA’s webpage if you have African American ancestors because the pics that are posted…you never […]

  3. You are doing a tremendous job in helping us to connect not only with the past, but also the present. Your commitment to our community has been a blessing.

  4. Reblogged this on Bronzeville Historical Society and commented:
    Excellent resource available online

  5. I see the commitment and am lucky to be an online beneficiary of your great work.

  6. I think that is a great idea. Great minds build great things! Thanks for all you do! I’ll be making a contribution.

  7. Sarah Brown said

    A great vision, Sharon, well within reach thanks to all the work you’ve done. I’m making my contribution now.

  8. santacruz1997 said

    I am with you Lady Sharon, keep up the good work.I help financially as often as I can. Ladynoble

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