Lost and Found

15 October 2014


Today, I went for a medical test and had to remove my jewelry. Believing that “less is more,” I don’t wear much. The radiology technician only commented about my tattoos.

Soon after I left the doctor’s office, I realized I was missing the necklace I have worn around my neck for most of my life. It is the cameo my mother, who cherished it deeply, gave me as a young girl. She received it from her mother > who was given it by her mother > who received it from her mother > who received it from her mother. I conservatively estimate this humble bauble to be more than 150 years old. It is so worn that the silhouette is unrecognizable.

Imagine my HORROR at thinking it was lost.

Consumed in anxiety, I was relieved when it was proven (yet again) that the ancestors are watching. I miraculously recovered the cameo pendant in my car. After retracing my steps and calling everyone I encountered today, the gold chain upon which the cameo hung remains missing. That is OK with me. The cameo is priceless; I can always replace the chain.

Delores NICHOLSON, Jennie WAYMOTH, Filura TORBETT, Isabella DAVIDSON… I KNOW you are listening. I hope the egregious experiences of the past are overcome.

To see the history of this cherished cameo, see a previous blog post: https://ourblackancestry.wordpress.com/2010/09/19/the-cameo/

One Response to “Lost and Found”

  1. santacruz1997 said

    Sharon, know you are a grateful soul to find your cameo pendant. You are lucky or blessed to have that passed down to you. You have so much good stuff to read, I have to make time. Always, ladynoble/Santacruz1997

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